New products in January 2018 are released!!


Hi Everyone

First of all, I wish you happy new year!

At the start of 2018, we present you our latest new products.

Please enjoy.

1/700 New products

FS710163 1/700 WWII IJN Seaplane Tender Notoro (early type) Upgrade set for Pit-road W62

FS710180SP 1/700 WWII IJN Battleship Nagato 1944 Complete Upgrade set for Aoshima

FS710190 1/700 WWII IJN Vessel Cable Reel IV (large size I)(8 set)

FS710206 1/700 WWII IJN Emergency Rudders (for Amateur)

FS710207 1/700 WWII IJN Destroyer Funnel Hood I

FS710208 1/700 WWII IJN Binoculars

FS710209 1/700 WWII IJN AA Gun Angle Limiter

FS710210 1/700 WWII IJN Handrails for Upper Structure (Precise Version)

FS710212 1/700 WWII IJN NO.13 Radar for Vessels

FS710214 1/700 Worldwide Navy Rope Net & Rope Ladder

FS710216 1/700 WWII IJN Seaplane Upgrade set I

1/350 New products

FS360001 1/350 PLAN 62Type (Shanghai Class) Fast Patrol Boat Resin Model Kit

FS351033 1/350 WWII IJN Deck Bracing Strip (with Improved Effect)

FS351034 1/350 WWII IJN Handrails

FS351035 1/350 WWII IJN Deck Canopy Bracket (Easy Version)

FS351036 1/350 WWII IJN Raillings for Upper Structures (with canvas and firm, for all types of vessels)

FS351037 1/350 WWII IJN Anti-shell Plate

FS351047 1/350 WWII IJN Special Floor Board (2 types)

FS351049 1/350 WWII IJN AA Gun Angle Limiter

FS351050 1/350 WWII IJN Fixed Ring of Funnel (for amateur)

FS351051 1/350 Worldwide Navy Rope Net & Rope Ladder

FS351052 1/350 WWII IJN Destroyer Flagpole (bow and aft) (easy version for beginner)

FS351053 1/350 WWII IJN Light & Heavy Cruiser Flagpole(bow and aft) (easy version for beginner)

FS351054 1/350 WWII IJN Battleship & Aircraft carrier Flagpole(bow and aft) (easy version for beginner)